About Jim

Jim Kelly has been working with service organizations to solve key leadership challenges for nearly 20 years. During that time, Jim and his team have served as consultants, trainers and executive coaches to some of the world’s leading companies and organizations. In support of this, the entire velocityHUB team delivers high-energy leadership training, business consulting and executive coaching that drives those organizations towards their business & strategic goals.

Jim is a leader in the relationship-based services space, offering solutions that drive the professional brand, business growth and leadership of leading professional service firms & organizations. He is a speaker, author and coach for professional organizations.

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Is Your Business Where You Want It to Be?


Each year people in all professions contemplate how to hit their goals. Are you close to your revenue targets? Did you establish a plan? Did you even set goals? The time to answer to these questions is always now, and it starts with planning. velocityHUB provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to transform themselves into established business owners through proven experience, methodologies and tools to set and achieve business goals.

Are You Looking to Take Your Business to the Next Level?


As business owners & service professionals, we set our sights on achieving more and having a greater impact. In order to take your business to the next level, you must establish your strategic team to solve your biggest business challenges and set a strategy to move your business forward. With experience in business strategy, company formation, exit strategies, succession planning, dispute resolution and business coaching, among other specialties, velocityHUB can help you establish your business dream team and take your business to new heights.

Don’t Just Keep Spinning the Wheels, Build a Sustainable Business


Identify & overcome your challenges, remove any obstacles, grow your business, increase & grow your employee engagement, improve your productivity and achieve the results you have worked hard for. At velocityHUB we don’t believe in band-aids and quick fixes, we believe in building leaders & strategies to engineer your success.

Develop Your Leadership to Engineer Your Business Success


If you are a motivated leader looking to bring your business to the next level, velocityHUB can help you do it. Our business is developing leaders that are able to solve business problems, lead teams, increase employee engagement and drive revenue and profitability.

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Why velocityHUB?


The velocityHUB methodologies, programs & solutions were built and continue to be driven by the successful processes developed by globally recognized leader, Brendan P. Keegan. With a goal of building 1 million leaders, Brendan and his team leverage 20 years of proven experience in business leadership to consistently engineer a high level of results for the mid-market and global companies velocityHUB partners with.

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